Frauenberatungs- und Therapiezentrum Stuttgart e.V.
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Frauenberatungs- und Therapiezentrum Stuttgart e.V.

Advice for lesbian and bisexual Women and Girls

In recent years the social situation of lesbian women has improved a great deal. Lesbian life has become visible and legal changes have taken place.

Nevertheless, even today many lesbian women experience discriminating attitudes at their workplace, in their family and their social environment. Some women still don’t dare stand by their way of life.


Our Approach

  • We offer consultation and therapy focussed on lesbian and bisexual women, i.e.
  • We respect the diversity of life plans and have a positive approach to lesbian ways of life
  • We are conscious of the particular dynamics in lesbian relationships
  • We know the conditions, strengths and strains of lesbian ways of life


We assist lesbian and bisexual Women

  • During the process of accepting, respecting and integrating lesbian needs into their lives
  • When dealing with discrimination and experiences of violence at the workplace, in the family and social environment
  • When we address relationship problems during individual and couple therapy
  • During crises
  • In cases of psychic problems and consequences of sexual acts of violence


We offer Information

  • On leisure activities in Stuttgart
  • On the legal situation of lesbian relationships
  • On the characteristics of a non-stigmatizing therapy


Our forms of Assistance

  • Telephone and personal consultation
  • Groups for adult and adolescent lesbian women
  • Support for the organization of self-help groups
  • Advice for relatives


For professionals and teams we offer

  • Case-related support / supervision
  • Training and information on the situation of lesbian and gay adolescents