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Counselling and Information after Rape and Assault

Sexual assault in private and public areas still continues to belong to everyday life of women and girls. A representative study of the German government showed that 58% of women have been subject to sexual harassment, eventually even with further consequences. Numerous women were victims of sexual assaults or even rape.

Perpetrators want to humiliate and to exercise power over women.

Contrary to popular belief, approx. 86% of perpetrators are relatives, husbands, acquaintances and friends. Only around 14% are strangers. Few perpetrators are so-called “psychopaths”, the majority of them are ordinary persons and socially absolutely respected men. Perpetrators come from all professional groups, i.e. physicians, pastors, therapists, employers etc.


The Consequences

Consequences are e.g. feelings of disgust, humiliation and fury, insomnia, nightmares, fear and panic, eating disorders, inability to work, suicidal thoughts and sometimes also injuries or even permanent injuries.

Even though sexual assault is a deliberate act and the perpetrator bears the sole responsibility, women often have feelings of guilt and shame.

Many women blame themselves and wonder what they did wrong:

Since people around them react with denial or accusation or because they have been denied help, they blame themselves of being responsible. Many women are afraid of the perpetrator. That is often the reason why they keep silent too long. This leads to loneliness where comprehension and support would have been appropriate.

We want to encourage women not to stay alone, but to seek help in order to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from continuing their daily routine.


There is a Way out

Fetz not only offers assistance in cases of psychological problems, but also practical information, support in the decision-making process or in the case of difficulties with the social environment.

Our graduated psychologists and educationalists offer qualified counselling and support. It is our common aim to find the best way out to regain strength and joy of life.

On request, our contacts are strictly confidential, on request even anonymous


Our Services comprise

  • Counselling – telephone advice, individual consultation, counselling for friends, relatives, female colleagues etc.
  • Information
  • Possible legal steps, costs, female lawyers, therapists, physicians, coaches for self-defence
  • Escort person to court hearings and physicians (as far as possible)
  • Groups
  • Support for self-help groups, therapeutic groups; recommendation of Wen-Do Self-Defense Courses
  • Briefings, presentations and training courses


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