Frauenberatungs- und Therapiezentrum Stuttgart e.V.
Fetz e.V.
Frauenberatungs- und Therapiezentrum Stuttgart e.V.

General psychologic Counselling and Therapy for Women

Thanks to a variety of methodical approaches and therapeutic schools, consultation and therapy can offer help to people in a wide range of different situations of life.
Studies have shown that social gender has enormous influence on health-related behavior and on the size of problems. That is why our approach is gender-specific and addresses the specific situation of women.

Fetz is committed to a holistic approach of psychic and psychosomatic difficulties. We see the problems of women not only as personal difficulties, but also as closely connected to different feminine contexts of life.


We help women:

  • to recognize their own needs
  • to discover their strengths and competences and to develop more self-assurance
  • to identify thoughts, feelings and actions that can make them receptive to changes
  • to enable them to act autonomously


We offer Advice and Therapy to Women in Cases of

  • Psychosocial and psychic difficulties
  • Problems with the family and at their workplace
  • Psychosomatic problems and sleep disturbances
  • Crises
  • Depressions and fears
  • Psychiatric experiences


Our Services

  • Information on consultation and therapy
  • Individual advice and therapy: telephone consultation, initial and orienting consultation, ongoing consultation, therapy
  • Groups: therapeutic groups, guided groups on different topics, initiation and support of self-help groups
  • Expert counselling